Erin K. Schonauer & Jamie C. Schonauer

Erin K. Schonauer & Jamie C. Schonauer

Erin K. Schonauer & Jamie C. Schonauer Erin K. Schonauer & Jamie C. Schonauer

About Us


We're a twin writing team and share life stories that we translate into the creative process of writing.  Not only do we share life stories, growing up we shared the same room, the same car, so why not share writing credits?  We were born with our writing partner.  Now, how many teams can say that?

We especially like to write for middle graders!  When we were tweens, we loved to watch Saved By The Bell on Saturday mornings, read Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins, and listen to Madonna on our purple boom box.

We're constantly digging deep into our middle grade memories and transporting back to our school days as we create book series for middle graders.  We also write for the children's magazine market and nonfiction book market.  We're award-winning authors and both members of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and The Children's Writer's Guild.

We continually build our portfolio of work writing television spec scripts and pilots.  Using our background in media studies, including a Masters Degree in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University, we focus our scripts on family/teen comedies.  Our professional background in media writing includes working in radio where we wrote commercials, web copy, and promotional spots for stations in the Chicago area as well as Radio Disney in San Francisco.  We enjoyed the quick, fast-paced style of writing and believe this assists us when creating short effective scenes for television.  We're also Writers Boot Camp Alumni as we completed their Basic Training Writing Program in Santa Monica, California.

Our unique bond as a writing team brings double the power and punch to our material and makes writing twice as fun!


Besides writing, we like to...

Go on walks--a time to reflect, relax and recharge. 

Ice skate--we skated for 14 years and taught the sport for 6 years.

Watch classic films--Hitchcock is a must!

Cheer on the Dodgers--there’s nothing like a walk-off win. 

Drink kale smoothies--we're addicted.