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Early Burbank (Arcadia Publishing, April 2014)

 Winner of the 2018 San Fernando Valley Award for Nonfiction

     Media Buzz on Early Burbank:

     "Early Burbank" Cover Story for Burbank-On-Demand by Peter Musurlian (The  
       Burbank Channel)  
      "Twins Partner on Pictorial History Book" by Joyce Rudolph  (The Burbank Leader)


 "Snack Captain" (Bedtime FM Story Time Podcast, July 2018 international production)      



"Snack Captain" (The Children's Writer's Guild Online, 2017)

"Willie the Whistler"  (Stories for Children Magazine, April/May 2012)

"Fall Freeze"
  (Guardian Angel Kids E-zine, October 2011)

"Bonjour, Brooke"  (Guardian Angel Kids E-zine, August 2010)

"The Twin Friend-Ship"  (Fun For Kidz, July 2011)


"A Castle Fit for a Fairy-Tale King"  (Faces, October 2013)

"Bubblegum: No Chewing Required"  (AppleSeeds, September 2013)

"Hear the Kolokola Ring"  (Faces, September 2013)

"Skating in Style"  (Kiki Magazine, December/January 2013)

"Did You Hear That?"  (AppleSeeds, January 2013)

"Dance the Bon Odori"  (Faces, October 2012)

"Daredevils Wanted!"
  (AppleSeeds, May/June 2012)

"The Crescent's Ghostly Guests"  (Stories for Children Magazine, October 2011)

"Masters of the Microphone"  (Imagination-Cafe E-zine, January 2011)

"A Slick, Quick Guide to Figure Skating"  (Imagination-Cafe E-zine, Fall 2010)


"Climbing Cable Cars"  (Boys' Quest, August 2012)

Photo Credits

"Daredevils Wanted!" Stratosphere Tower and Rides, 5 Photos  (AppleSeeds, May/June 2012)

Upcoming Titles

"From Vegas With LOVE"  (Faces)